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Our mission at My Name T is to have a site that makes it easy for anyone to shine with their own name and personality for their own unique designs with high-quality t-shirts that people love.With our Design Studio, we have made it super easy to create your own custom t-shirts. You can select from hundreds of original unique designs, clipart, and fonts or upload your own pictures and designs.

In today’s world, we all want to uplift each other no matter what field we work in. I can’t correct someone by saying something but, I can wear My Name T and share my message to the rest of the world in my own way.

You CANNOT be someone else! You are YOU!

You are unique and have your own talents and experiences. You can use those talents and experiences to get what you want, but you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process.

Many of us act like someone we are not without realizing it. Whether you did it to impress a date, boss, or someone else, we have all not been ourselves because we believed it would get us what we wanted while we weren’t being true to ourselves in the process either.

When you are not yourself, you change to the person you act like. You change who you are and what you care about. You change your thoughts and beliefs and you become someone who tries to please others instead of pleasing yourself. You become someone else instead of being yourself, while you should be your number one priority.

“Being yourself does not mean you are selfish and it does not mean you do not care about others. Being yourself means you like who you are. Being yourself means living life how you want to live it, regardless of other people’s opinions and it means that you respect yourself for being you.”

We understand the pride and passion of each individual and organization. At My Name T, we feel the same way about making custom t-shirts for our own ideals. We’ll stop at nothing in order to provide you with the highest quality product that is delivered on time and is within your budget.

We want to give back to the community as well. From a personal event in my life that has affected me greatly, I now want to support others who are in need.

For every single t-shirt we sell, we will be donating .50 cents to the (PHP) Parents Helping Parents.

T Shirts Sunnyvale

Being yourself is important because you won’t appreciate yourself to the fullest and you won’t be able to cherish the smallest moments in life either. So, always empower and love yourself.

Lawrence De Silva

CEO & Founder

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